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Keep things tidy in a bedroom wardrobe

It's hard to sleep well in a bedroom that's untidy and overcrowded. And the fact is that bedrooms can be a challenge when it comes to sensible storage. Here are our best tips for creating a dream wardrobe in your bedroom.

Wardrobe with sliding doors in a modern bedroom


Store your clothes as you wear them

When organising your wardrobe, try to hang up and position your clothes as you wear them on your body. That makes looking for the right outfit feel practical and natural. Hats and bags on shelves highest up, shoes low down on shoe shelves or racks. In between are tops, shirts, blouses, sweaters and pants on closet rods, shelves and in drawers. Accessories are stored in smart, small bracket trays or hooks, making it possible to use the entire wardrobe space to the full.

Shallow shelves for clothing

Deep shelves tend to quickly become untidy, and clothes tend to end up in a creased pile at the back where they can't be found until they've gone out of fashion. Shallower shelves relatively close to each other make it easier to keep order, find things and to see what you have in the wardrobe. Shelves 30 cm deep are sufficient for tops, and for bulkier items, we have 40 and 50 cm deep models.

Separate place for pants

Save space with the practical gliding pant racks, which are also ideal for dresses. The pant racks have plastic clips to prevent clothes from sliding off. A 45 cm wide pant rack gives you room for at least 6 pairs of pants and/or dresses, which can hang loosely to prevent them creasing before you wear them again. Pant racks come in three sizes, and are quick and easy to fit on two click-in brackets 40.

Shelf hooks — a must in the wardrobe

A little hook can mean a lot when storing things. Sold in packs of three, and simple to place exactly where you need them: under a wire shelf or wire shelf basket. They take up no room in the wardrobe, but make space for keys, necklaces, belts, scarves and other small items. You avoid having to hunt for your accessories or find the right necklace from an untidy heap in a box – you can save a lot of time!

A wardrobe that's easy to clean

By choosing a wall-mounted solution with Elfa's top track and hang standards, you can free up floor space. The more floor you can see, the more spacious the room feels and the easier it is to clean. Our wire shelves mean that dust falls through them onto the floor, where it can be quickly and easily vacuumed up keeping your wardrobe clean and dust-free. Ta-da!