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Make the most of your room with sliding doors

Sliding doors are not only neat, they also have lots of benefits compared with traditional wardrobe doors. Here are a few examples!

Wardrobe with sliding doors in a bedroom with magnificent windows

Plan drawing showing the advantages of sliding doors

More floor space with sliding doors

Sliding doors do not need any opening room, which means you can use the floor right up to the wardrobe. You can use that space for a bedside table, plant or reading chair where the door of a traditional wardrobe would open.

Use the whole wall for storage
Sliding doors mean you can utilise an entire wall for storage. From floor to ceiling and wall to wall. You can make space for all your favourite clothes and shoes and even avoid having to dust that space above the wardrobe (where odd bags, boxes and cartons often end up, giving a messy impression).

Smart in confined spaces
Sliding doors are even more useful when you're short of space and there's no room for doors that open into the room, e.g. in narrow halls or small bedrooms.