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Organise your wardrobe in 10 simple steps

Do you often get the feeling that you've nothing to wear, despite your wardrobe being full of clothes? That's a sign that you need to organise your wardrobe, and throw out the clothes you do not wear.

Walk-in closet with storage on all walls
  1. Remove all clothes. Yes, ALL OF THEM.
  2. Sort them into three piles: one for "out", one for "sell/give away" and one for "keep". Put all your clothes in one of the three piles.
  3. Difficult to choose which pile? Ask yourself the following questions: "Have I worn this garment within the last six months?" "Would I have bought this today?" and "Do I feel right in this?".
  4. Do not be nostalgic! Be realistic, and stay in the present to ensure reality brings you to the things you really use. The rest of them can be wonderful, but if you don't wear them, they're just taking space in your wardrobe.
  5. When you are ready with the 'keep' pile, it's easy to organise everything neatly and tidily in your wardrobe. Organise your clothes in a manner that makes them easy to find. Perhaps by colour, style or work/leisure.
  6. Get plenty of matching valet rods. A minor detail that will make your wardrobe look a lot more organised.
  7. Fold large, prickly sweaters and put them on a shelf. If you hang them up, they can lose their shape.
  8. If you don't have room for everything in your current wardrobe, you can always add a little extra space, perhaps in the form of shelves where you could have your best shoes on display perhaps? Or hangers for bags and hats?
  9. Use the lower shelves and/or floor for shoes.
  10. Make sure you can see everything in your wardrobe. If you can see it, the chances are that you will wear it.