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Storage in a room with inclined ceiling

Sloping ceilings are common in our homes, and can be a problem for furnishings. Elfa's flexible storage solutions fit into any space and can be adapted for most surfaces, even in a room with a sloping ceiling.

Storage under a sloping ceiling or stairs

Choose natural colours
Soft colours such as white, grey beige or pink give a warm appearance. Try to match colours in textiles with walls and floors.

Get rid of unnecessary items 
Good storage solutions with plenty of room for all your clothes minimise the risk of them being spread all over your bedroom floor. Getting ready in the mornings also becomes less stressful if you can avoid spending half an hour looking for the things you need.

Choose natural materials in restrained colours 
You can create a cosy atmosphere in the room with curtains, sheets, pillows and other textiles. Curtains create an intimate, sheltered feeling, and stop draughts from the window. Make your curtains full length from ceiling to floor, and hang as much as possible to the side of the window to create a feeling of extra space in the room. Natural materials such as linen, velvet or wool give a luxury touch.

Go for lights that can be dimmed
Lighting level is important to create an atmosphere in the room. Use lights with adjustable brightness. And go for several different lights to create dynamism. Think in terms of intimate lighting, add a reading light, an elegant ceiling light and perhaps a few decorative table lamps.

Eliminate electronics from the bedroom 
Keep your bedroom free from distractions and notifications from social media. Move out the TV, computer and your mobile phone if possible. Hide wires/cords.

Put out plants 
Plants act as natural air purifiers and oxygenate the air. Perfect for increasing the chances of a good nights' sleep! Choose plants with an unobtrusive smell, and that are easy to care for.

Don't be mean with cushions and blankets
A few cushions and soft blankets make your bed look even more cosy and inviting. They also help the room to feel more homely.