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Storage for children's rooms

A smart, flexible storage solution is a big help to keep a child's bedroom tidy. Small children have small clothes, and small clothes don't take so much space. Flexible storage means you can move shelves and closet rods around as your child grows and clothes get longer. You can also add drawers, shelves and closet rods to the wardrobe. The available space can be used to the utmost, and you avoiding having to replace it. Smart and simple.

When your child has new interests
.Naturally, children's interests change as they grow up. Imagine if you could quickly and easily change the way their storage is organised in line with their interests. They may need more space for small objects such as Lego? Or perhaps a creative corner with smart storage for your things? Elfa's shelving system lets you add, remove or move things and functions around depending on the child's age, interests and needs.

And if you label with a photo of the things stored there, even the smallest child can help keep things tidy. Imagine storage at the child's height so that they can reach their own things.

Safety is important
A little extra thought about safety is necessary when small children are concerned. If using our top track for storage, on which you can snap all our components, child protection may be required. Simple to do, with a fastening for the hang standard.