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Garage interiors with Elfa storage

Is your garage so full of stuff that there’s no room for the car? Do all the things you need most in either summer or winter lie right at the back of the garage or storeroom? Would you rather putter about in the garden that tidy up hosepipes? If so, it’s time to tidy up the garage with wall-mounted storage to free floor space. Using practical and effective garage storage, you can impose much-needed order on bikes, garden tools, winter tires, lawnmower, half-empty seed packets and tools. 

ELFA storage in garage

Utility products

A storing board lets you combine small shelves, boxes and hooks for versatile storage. All our products can be combined and adapted for optimum storage.

Storing board

Plan your storage

Use our planning system to create your own customized solution. Use our suggestion or create your own. Click on the buttom below to start plan.

Accessory box

Garage storage screws

Bracket for tire

Garage storage tires

Multi holder

Garage storage tools

Bracket post

Garage storage wood


Our wall hang system features a top track which is screwed onto the wall. Hang standards are hung from the top track, onto which storage functions can simply be clicked to suit your requirements. Follow these 3 easy steps pictured below
Top track

Step 1

Top track

Start with the top track. This is the only product that screws into the wall.

Hang standards

Step 2

Hang standard

Mont the top track with the 2 track upwards. Use the spirit level to get it straight. The top track can be cut into the desired lenght. Add a security margin before cutting and make sure that the 2 tracks are kept.


Step 3


Mont interior: brackets, hocks, drawers, boards and other smart products.

Recycling storage

Everyone wants to protect the environment, but dealing with piles of magazines, empty bottles, batteries etc. can be a burden.
A storage system makes it easy to keep the cycle going. Mount on a wall, and avoid having to step over temporary cardboard boxes on the floor.

Keep control ...

Three tips for keeping a storeroom tidy

Welcome spring with proper storage of your garden tools 

Leisure organisation with Elfa Utility system