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Store all your shoes - no problem

More shoes than contacts in your mobile, and the shoe shelf can't take more? That's a sign that you need to go through your wardrobe to find out what you wear. Organise your favourite shoes so that you actually wear them. When you begin to sort your shoes, start by asking yourself: "When did I wear them last?". Keep those you have actually worn within the last year, and sell or give away the rest. You now need to chose the storage solution that will give you room for all your favourites.

Shoe shelves on the wall with room for lots of shoes

Shoe shelves on the wall for confined and narrow spaces

Make plenty of space in your wardrobe

So – are you a shoe lover? It's not usually a good idea to try and pack all your shoes onto a standard shoe shelf. Arrange your storage according to your passing for shoes! Count your shoes, and make sure you've got sufficient shelves. And if you still have too many, there's no need to go out and buy a new collection.
Decorative shoe storage

Make your shoes part of your interior design

Why hide your shoes out sight behind a wardrobe door when they deserve to be displayed as the works of art they are? Dedicate a wall of your home to shelves with shoes – make shoes part of your interior design detail.
Shoe storage in wardrobes that glides in an out

Arrange your shelves according to your shoes

Choose flat shelves for flat shoes and sloping shelves for heeled shoes. Sloping shelves can take more shoes, and your heeled shoes can be seen better. Flat shelves are better for walking shoes and trainers for example.