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New Elfa drawers for thin walls

A hall should be practical and welcoming. With our smart, functional system, you can make space for anything you need to store. To hide your belongings, add sliding doors in a style that gives the finishing touch.

Storage in narrow hall with gliding drawer functions

If you have a narrow hall, you probably know how hard it is to find space for everything and to maintain order. But now things have changed! Elfa's new product line, designed specially for small spaces is here to help you make room for everything you need to keep in the hall.

Tidiness – a small matter

All you really need is a 36 cm deep wall — with Elfa, that's sufficient to create complete wall storage. Our new gliding drawers in the Classic 30 range make it easy to quickly find your caps, gloves, cardigans, gym bags or anything you need to store in your hall.

The new gliding drawer functions for shoes make it possible to find space for everything from dancing to work shoes. Complete overview – without them getting in the way.

Use our new shallow gliding drawers, shoe racks and shoe shelves to keep things tidy even in narrow, shallow spaces.

Quality is always in vogue

Styles come and go. But high quality and tasteful design are timeless. So, regardless of whether you want to raise the design factor in a room with Linear – our new sliding door – or utilise wall space better, Elfa has solutions that last!