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5 tips to sort out your hall

First impressions are important, and the hall is often the first thing you see in a new home. We've gathered inspiration and functional tips to give you a hall that is practical and welcoming, and that can take not only your things, but your guests' coats as well. Choose whether you want open storage or concealed, using sliding doors. There are lots of models, colours and materials to choose from, and always made-to-measure, ensuring that you can use the entire area behind for smart storage. See below for tips and tricks for wall storage!

Hall with room to hang up the entire family's clothes and things

Storage on a wall with room for keys, mobile and other common items

"Where are my keys?"

Give things you use every day, such as keys, mobile, sunglasses and wallet, their own place in the hall. You will then always know where they are, and avoid wasting time looking for them when in a hurry. Hang them on hooks or put them in a tray. Using our storing board you have even more options.

Effective storage with room for shoes and hanging clothes in the hall

Find room for all your shoes

According to statistics, we own 19 pairs of shoes each. That requires efficient shoe storage. Once way to do so is to store your shoes on wire shelves with the lowest deeper than the others, to give you room for the shafts of your boots. Grit and sand fall through the wires, making it easy to vacuum it up under the shelves. Alternatively, you can choose gliding shoe shelves for shoes with no heels. If you're one of those people who need a lot of space for heeled shoes, you can choose between gliding shoe racks or the shallow, simple shoe shelf. Baby's first shoes can go on a shallow, reversible shelf.

Clothes hooks for children at a level where they can hang up their clothes

Hooks for children

Many parents claim that it's impossible to get their kids to hang up their coats when they come home. But if there are hooks for them at their own level, they are likely to use them instead of the floor. Choose a shallow storing rack with hooks, or add a couple of shelf hooks fastened on a wire shelf in a more comprehensive storage solution. Another alternative is to fasten a rack on the side of a bracket.

Hall including storage for children's boots, hats, gloves etc.

Divide for the sake of order

Divide up a wire shelf basket, so that each member of the family has their own compartment for gloves and caps. Label each compartment with a name so that there is more chance of things going in the right place. Wire shelf baskets come in two depths and three widths, dividers are available for 30 or 40 deep baskets.

Store on a door when you're short of space

Smart storage – more space

The space available in the hall is not always enough for everything that has to be stored there. But there might be an internal door nearby that could be used for storage?
Using our Door and Wall rack you can simply hang storage space on a door without so much as a screw. You can then choose wire or mesh baskets and storing boards or racks suitable for your storage needs, and attach them to a wallband. Hats, gloves, umbrellas, bicycle accessories and other things you often use now have their own place in the hall. And if you don't have a door to use, but do have approx. 40 cm of wall, you can screw a wallband direct onto the wall instead.