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8 creative ways of organising your bookshelves

Start by making sure all your books have space on your bookshelves. If not, you can always add a shelf, or get rid of books that you don't want to keep. When your collection is ready and there's room on the shelf, you can organise them according to the tips below.

A cosy reading corner with armchair and wall-mounted bookshelves
  1. Genres. Keep all your romantic dramas together, create a special corner for fantasy and so on. This is probably one of the best ways to organise to make it easy to find what you're looking for.
  2. Alphabetic order. Create your own bookstore in your living room! Sort by author's first or second name or book title. The neater it is, the more it looks like a bookstore.
  3. By cover colour. This is a great system if you're keen on aesthetics. Sort according to all the colours of the rainbow. Or make a pattern using the different colours. For the domesticated, another alternative could be to cover all your books in a single coloured paper to create a uniform look.
  4. Size of book. Collect the biggest books at one end of the shelf and the smaller ones at the other to create a visual effect.
  5. Emotional reaction. How did a book make you feel? Happy? Sad? If you organise your books according to your emotions, it's really easy to recommend one to a friend depending on what sort of book they need at that time.
  6. Book spine poetry. Can your bookshelf tell a story? Organise your books such that the titles tell a story.
  7. Chronological order. Something for the history nerd. When does the story in a book take place? Start with Ancient Greece, moving on to the Middle Ages, Renaissance and so on.
  8. Autobiographical. Organise your books in the order you read them. Ideal if you're the nostalgic type. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? High School. Pride and Prejudice? Upper secondary school. And so on.