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Ten storage tips when space is short

Compact living is a new trend, and if you make the most of the room you have, you can store a lot. Smart storage solutions help you keep most things in order!

Storage that can be hidden behind sliding doors Scandinavian style
  1. If you have a wall-mounted TV, use the walls around it for storage. Some decorative shelves provide space for things such as films, TV games, books and small ornaments.
  2. And don't forget the space closest to the ceiling! Shelves should not cover an entire wall. Only using a part of the wall for storage can be attractive (and practical).
  3. Corners are often overlooked as storage surfaces. Why not put a shelf there, and make the corner into a real feature?
  4. A small shelf over a door frame can be very practical, and provide space for more things than you think. What's more, it can give the feeling of a higher ceiling height.
  5. Under the bed is the perfect storage space just waiting to be used. Sometimes, we forget to use the most obvious spaces.
  6. Use the walls in your bathroom. Even if your bathroom is small, a shelf for hand towels, toilet rolls and other items can be very useful.
  7. Use the back of doors for storage. A kitchen door can act as a spice shelf, storage space or for all those small items that just don't fit anywhere else. You can store things such as small umbrellas, gloves and sunglasses in the hall.
  8. A room divider can make a small apartment feel big. Use a curtain, a bookshelf or why not a sliding door from Elfa?
  9. Get a coffee table with built-in storage. For example, you could use a large chest or coffee table with built-in boxes for storage.
  10. If you need room for a home office, get a desk that you can fold down. You can use the surface for other things when you are not working.