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A well-organised wardrobe makes the day easier.

Your bedroom is meant to be an oasis, your place for restitution. Is it infested with training clothes, shirts and unsorted washing in piles on the floor or a chair instead? It's time to find a better solution.

Elfa bedroom

Have you thought about how often you change clothes?

In the morning you need to find a pair of matching socks quickly, in the afternoon you might change from work clothes to jogging pants and in the evening get your training clothes out and then dump them in the wash basket later. If you don't have clever, well-designed storage for your clothes, you've got a recipe for chaos.

The secret behind functional clothes storage is to plan according to how you use your clothes, preferably in detail. Each item needs its own place right from the start. For example: if you find it hard to keep your socks together, put them in shallow drawers where you can see them easily. Divide the drawers up with dividers to sort according to type of sock.

In front of your clothing storage, you can then put practical, neat sliding doors. Choose a colour or wood type for the look you want. And now you can relax!


Here a few examples of solutions for your bedroom