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Keep control with the right tool

Would you like all your tools to hang according to size, and keep your summer tyres in their own, dedicated place during the winter? The garage has become so full of stuff for many people that there's no room for the car. The dream of a well-sorted tool board and garden implements always to hand can seem very distant. Why not give your garage or storeroom a bit more thought when it comes to tidiness? The seasons change and needs with them - with a flexible storage system you can satisfy all your needs throughout the year. 

Elfa Garage

Change your storage according to season

In the summer, you need quick access to the hose, golf bag and lawn mower. In the winter, it's your skis, sledge and snow shovel. Combine shelves with tool hooksbike hooks, tyre brackets and storing boards and give each item its own space. Making the dream come true can be as easy as getting rid of all the stuff that seems to end up in the garage. A storage system on the wall frees up floor space and makes it easily accessible.


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