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Home office

Keeping the home office tidy

Home office, hobby room, the creative or sewing corner - a space with lots of possible uses. All depending on the time of day. Regardless of the purpose of a home office, structure is needed to keep it tidy. You can avoid a mess on the desk and bookshelves, and can focus on the important and useful things that you can create.

Elfa home office 
Set up a worktop and put storage on the wall to free up the floor, create space and a feeling of airiness in the room that can be beneficial to creativity. If you don't have a wall available, a freestanding workstation is a smart alternative. Create a working space with shelves and combine with storing boards and shelf brackets to provide room for all sorts of things. Small transparent boxes are perfect for beads and other small things which can otherwise just disappear.

Another tip is to use unused walls and door backs. Using Elfa's Door and Wall rack you can organise things such as pens, paperclips, stapler and important papers in the minimum of space.


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Home office, hobby room, the sewing or creative corner